Turn Sequence

1. Determine Initiative
2. Action Points

  • Total command dice and bonuses

3. Command and Control

  • Determine Counter Intelligence Dice

  • Total available action dice

  • Deduct enemy counter intelligence roll

4. Both players complete compulsory moves
5. Both players place any units on reactive fire
6. Both players place any AA units on AA Overwatch

7. Winning initiative player chooses to be player 1 or player 2
8. Player 1 activates units
9. Player 2 activates units

The turn sequence is simple and allows for fast flowing turns.


Initiative is determined and the winning player can decide to be player 1 or player 2, choosing to either go first or second can be crucial.


Each battlegroup generates a number of command dice that when rolled and totalled will give the activating player a number of actions to perform on units.


Placing units on overwatch allows those units to fire in the opposing players turn but costs double the number of actions, costly but may crucial.