The Rules

From platoon to battalion and larger sized formations. These rules are designed to accommodate figure scales of 6, 15, 20, 25 and 28mm with the onus on my personal favourite 20mm. Many modern rules focus on adding as much detail as they possibly can with tables for almost every conceivable situation that may arise on the battlefield. Third Generation Warfare uses just a couple of key tables and charts that cover almost all of the rules including movement, anti-tank fire, air to ground fire, artillery and morale. 


The rules are designed to recreate fast paced, mobile combined arms warfare  allowing you to recreate some of the famous and infamous battles of the 20th and 21st Century in just a couple of hours; ideal for club nights. It is a traditional turn-based system that focuses on command and control where command elements generate a number of “command dice” that when rolled and totalled gives a commander a number of activations for units to complete actions. 


Divided into a number of core sections the rules show you the commander how to build an effective battle group which is the basic building block of an armies fighting force. Then calculate your battle groups total command which is converted in to actions that can be used in a variety of ways to move units around the battlefield and conduct fire against the enemy using a variety of different fire methods including direct, indirect and area fire. As the game progresses and casualties are taken the command total reduces and as a consequence so does the number of actions generated by the battlegroup making it a fine balance between activating key units and not leaving others vulnerable to attack. 


Third Generation Warfare has been designed to be a simple set of rules that are fast to learn and play but accuracy has not been sacrificed for playability; rather a happy medium has been achieved. There are a number of add-on supplements that include stats for over 1500 different weapon systems which really gives a commander a wealth of military hardware to choose from. There are detailed TO&E and OOB for nearly 100 different countries world wide. Third Generation Warfare is not just an infantry on infantry or tank on tank set of rules but combines all aspects of modern warfare in a fast paced, exciting and realistic package.