The Rules

3rd Generation Warfare covers combined arms warfare from the end of WWII up to present day, from small company sized battle groups to battalion and larger sized formations.


The rules are designed to simulate fast paced, mobile combined arms warfare  allowing you to recreate some of the famous and infamous battles of the 20th and 21st Century.

Order of Battle

A large range of order of battle's from numerous countries around the world allows for almost any past, present or future conceivable conflict.


From North and South America to Europe to the old Soviet Union, the Middle East to East Asia. There is a detailed Order of Battle for almost any nation.


There are 100's of data tracks that have details of all manner of weapon systems and platforms including main battle tanks, APC's, Artillery, Aircraft, anti tank missiles and much more.


Each data track details all the information of a weapon system including armour protection, installed weapon systems, speed and points costs.