Reconnaissance is defined as the collection of data and information in order to determine an enemy’s activities and intentions and can be a vital form of intelligence gathering on the battlefield. Battlefield reconnaissance covers a number of different techniques of information gathering through the use of radio intercepts of enemy communications, aerial passes, specialist ground vehicles and infantry personnel. Information on enemy locations, numbers and types can be discovered using reconnaissance and can give a commander an advantage over his enemy.


Dedicated Reconnaissance is an extremely effective tool for any commander they are lightly armed but often equipped in fast mobile vehicles able to withdraw when their position comes under fire. Their use and specialisation is often overlooked in many rule sets but 3rd Generation Warfare puts them right in the mix of essential units a commander must have.  


Any units that are marked up as reconnaissance have a number of special advantages on the battlefield over other units.



Increased Initiative
Reconnaissance units acquire information for the battlegroup commander about enemy positions, numbers and objectives as such recon units add a modifier to a commanders initiative roll.


Advanced Deployment
Recon units are the first to survey the battelfield and potential enemy positions. They are normally deployed way ahead of the main force and as such any recon unit can deploy up to half the table length.


Battle Group Acquisition

By their very nature the reconnaissance units task is to acquire the enemy. Any reconnaissance unit that acquires an enemy unit will automatically pass the location on to the battlegroup HQ (BGHQ). The BGHQ filters the information down to ALL subordinate units in the battlegroup and ALL friendly units with an unobstructed line of sight to that target do not need to acquire the target for the rest of the turn.


Air Support Acquisition
Normally only targets acquired by forward air controllers can be marked for an airstrike but reconnaissance units can also acquire targets for air support missions.


Remote Designation
Any recon unit that has laser designator (L/D) equipment can remote target for other units. If a successful acquisition is made by the recon unit with a L/D the target can be fired upon by another unit that is equipped with a weapon system that is laser guided.